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The Best PTC Sites in March 2015

The following PTC sites are the best collection from paid to click industry, they are legit and honest programs so feel free to check them out. Enjoy!

Why clicking website that not pay you, don't waste your time and join the best PTC lists here.

The list is updated monthly, but most daily if scam founded, so you will get only paying site to join and earn.

Paidverts - Grow your BAP = Get high value ads! (since 2013)Payment Proofs
Min Payout:$1, Pay via:

Digadz - Make Money Same as Paidverts! (since 2014) 
Min Payout:$5, Pay via:

Poweradcash - PTC Ads Shares! (since 2014) 
Min Payout:$5, Pay via:
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TrafficMonsoon - Rev Sharing Advertising (since 2014)Payment Proofs
Min Payout:$2, Instant Pay via:

Clixsense - Most stable, Best tasks/offers! (since 2007)Payment Proofs
Min Payout:$8, Pay via:

Neobux - The Best of All PTC Sites! (since 2008)Payment Proofs
Min Payout: $2, Pay via:

Ojooo - More ads per day (since 2013)Payment Proofs
Min Payout: $1, Pay via:

Twickerz - Profitable and Sustainable (since 2011)Payment Proofs
Min Payout:$1, Pay via:

Yougetprofit - Twickerz's Sister Site (since 2013)Payment Proofs
Min Payout:$1, Pay via:

Goldenclix - Trusted PTC Admin Site! (since 2012)
Min Payout: $2, Pay via:

Legacyclix - Your Clicks = Your cash! (since 2014)
Min Payout:$4, Pay via:

Adpageviews - Always Instant Payment! (since 2014)
Min Payout:$2, Pay via:

Donkeymails - A Honest PTC/PTR! (since 2005)
Min Payout:$1, Pay via:

No-minimum - A part of MultiMoneyGroup (since 2004)
Min Payout:$1, Pay via:

CashNHits - Many Ways to Earn (since 2009)Payment Proofs
Min Payout:$1, Pay via:

Clixten - Established and Trusted (since 2012) Payment Proofs
Min Payout:$1, Pay via:

Scarlet-clicks - Old trusted Site (since 2009)
Min Payout:$1, Pay via:

GPTPlanet - Scarlet-clicks's Sister Site (since 2010)
Min Payout:$1, Pay via:

Easyhits4u - Paying Traffic Exchange (since 2003)
Surf 1000 = $0.30, Min Payout:$3, Pay Via:



17/02/2015 Paidverts $10.14 (proof)
12/02/2015 Paidverts $10.90 (proof)
23/01/2015 Trafficmonsoon $1.97 (proof)
20/01/2015 Clixten $4.01 (proof)
16/01/2015 CashNhits $3.38 (proof)
10/01/2015 Paidverts $10.14 (proof)
23/12/2014 Yougetprofit $3.80 (proof)
16/12/2014 Neobux $4.01 (proof)
06/12/2014 Ojooo $9.18 (proof)
13/10/2014 Paidverts $1.22 (proof)
12/09/2014 CashNhits $2.91 (proof)
12/08/2014 Neobux $4.15 (proof)
09/08/2014 Clixsense $9.87 (proof)
22/07/2014 Clixsense $8.39 (proof)
19/07/2014 Neobux $9.15 (proof)
07/07/2014 Goldenclix $4.75 (proof)
25/05/2014 Ojooo $6.14 (proof)
22/05/2014 Donkeymails $1.00 (proof)
01/05/2014 Twickerz $9.61 (proof)
20/04/2014 Ojooo $25.35 (proof)
11/03/2014 Twickerz $27.70 (proof)
06/03/2014 Twickerz $47.50 (proof)
21/02/2014 Ojooo $2.00 (proof)

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